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Contests over reproductive resources in female roller beetles: Outcome predictors and sharing as an option. Prediction of the intrinsic hydrogen bond acceptor strength of chemical substances from molecular structure. We report for the first time crystal structures revealing how neutralizing and non-neutralizing single-domain antibodies (sdAbs) recognize the receptor-binding domains (RBDs) of TcdA and TcdB. In women with inflammatory arthritides, the relative risk of preeclampsia was particularly high during 1987-95.
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SDS-PAGE and Western blot analysis were used to detect the expression of the EGFP-tagged EGF (EGFP-EGF) protein. To evaluate and correlate the prevalence of candidal species in the oral cavity of OSCC patients and to compare with radiation dosage at 3rd and 6th week following radiotherapy. Treatment with edaravone improves the survival rate in renal warm ischemia-reperfusion injury using rat model. My aim was to show how individual-oriented (or artificial life) models may provide an integrative background for the development of theories about dominance by including effects of spatial structure.
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